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Revelator (2021, Knopf) 4 stars

In 1933, nine-year-old Stella is left in the care of her grandmother, Motty, in the …

Pull back on the handbrake—safety first! Good. Now step on the clutch and put her in neutral—wiggle the gearshift so you know it’s free, there you go. Make sure the fuel line is open. See that fuel line running under the dash? That little valve by your knee, turn it vertical, that lets the gas flow. This here’s the choke, you’re going to pull up on that when we start it, but not just yet. See that knob on the top of the choke? That’s the air–fuel mixture valve, turn it left, nope, not all the way, just three-quarter open —you want a pretty rich mix to start. The starter button is there on the floor, just find it with your foot—nope, that’s the gas, the little button, but don’t step on it yet. Up there on the steering column, that lever on the right, that’s your hand throttle, bring that down a couple notches to give it extra gas for the start. Now that doohickey on the left, that’s the spark lever—push it all the way up, that’s full retard. We’ll advance that when the engine’s running, get the timing right so the fire explodes when the piston’s on the upstroke, you follow?

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Driving a car used to be like configuring a fediverse instance