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Hell Bent (Hardcover, 2023, Flatiron Books) 4 stars

Wealth. Power. Murder. Magic. Alex Stern is back and the Ivy League is going straight …

Hell Bent

4 stars

A satisfying continuation of the series, but whereas Ninth House was gritty, dark, contemporary supernatural fantasy, Hell Bent is verging into YA supernatural. Which is fine, but the gritty darkness was what I liked most about Ninth House.

Ninth House (2019, Flatiron Books) No rating

Content warning major plot spoiler

Children of Memory (2022, Pan Macmillan) 4 stars

Earth is failing. In a desperate bid to escape, the spaceship Enkidu and its captain, …

Children of Memory

4 stars

Content warning plot arc metaspoilers maybe? also for Nona the Ninth