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I usually interact on masto @[email protected], sci fi fan who also loves non-fiction political stuff.


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A Memory Called Empire (2020) 4 stars

Won the 2020 Hugo for Best Novel. Ambassador Mahit Dzmare is posted far from her …

Empire and poetry

4 stars

This was a very unique and original story. The author did some really cool things with language that I really appreciated.

I love books that are critical of empire, and this book certainly falls into that camp.

I think perhaps the reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I'm an empathic reader and tend to absorb the mindset of the main characters of the book...Mahit (aka the main character in this book) spends a significant majority of this book feeling stranded, confused, and totally in the dark about what's actually going on. I think that was reflected also in my experience of the book. Perhaps that should be counted as a positive for the book rather than a negative, but...

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The Other Wind (Paperback, 2003, Gollancz) 3 stars

Perfect, satisfying ending to a great series

No rating

A great conclusion to the Earthsea series. One of the best sort: the kind that immediately makes you want to start right back at the beginning. It ties up all the existing threads and questions about its world so beautifully, that reading the series again with the knowledge of how it ends doesn't spoil the story, but is its own kind of pleasure.